Friday, November 28, 2008

熱 Tropical Ants working really hard , City Park Managua Nicaragua 2005

On a rainy day on Sunday,
I just went down from my hotel for walk to downtown area with Casino complex.
And I found a small park full of high tropical trees and some benches.
There was a big shadow formed by the abundant leaves of the giant trees.

All of a sudden I found some small things are moving on the ground and I kneeled down to have a detail look. It was really suprising to see the moving small leaves in row. And soon I remembered the scenes I watched on Discovery or National Geographic channel.

Those were the ants carrying leaves. Green and yellow leaves were carried by the amazing creatures dilligently. They were so fast in moving that I couldn't have my camera focus on them well. Surely because I was watching them they were nervous and getting faster and faster in moving which made me troublesome to take good pictures. However I was so excited to see them moving that I had no chance of complaining.. ^,^

Discovery Channel 등에서 보던 장면이 내 발아래서 펼쳐졌다.
작은 나뭇잎들과 꽃잎들이 뒤뚱 뒤뚱 열지어
한 방향으로 움직이고 있었던 것이다.
무릎을 굽혀 살펴 보니 열대의 붉은 개미들이
부지런히 잎사귀들을 나르고 있었다.
무겁기도 하겠거니와 종이같은 세워진 잎사귀들을 나르것이
결코 쉽지 않을텐데 놓지지도 않고 어찌나 빠르게 지나가던지
아무리 셔터를 눌러대도 촛점이 제대로 맞지가 않았다..

베르베르는 '개미' 를 통해 말했다
외계인들이 지구에서 종을 선택한다면
인간보다는 개미를 택할것 같다고..
그는 지구를 사실상 점령하고 있는 동물은 인간이 아니라 개미라고 단언한다.
이들의 조직력, 조직을 위해 기꺼이 죽을 수 있는 희생 정신
철저한 역할 분담, 지극히 간단하고 즉각적인 의사 소통 체계,
생존을 위한 종족간의 연합,
지극히 많은 개체수...등등으로 하여
인간보다 훨씬 더 오랜 동안 지구 곳곳의 혹독한 기후에도 아랑곳 없이
계속해서 번성하고 있는 것이다.


Janice Thomson said...

That is just too cool Peter. I can imagine your surprise and delight at seeing these industrious little guys :)

Peter.Chris said...

Yes Janice, it was amazing. Actually I am fan of Wernard Berber who wrote such a great novel "Ants". Ants have been triving on earth much longer than human and they will do their job of survival much more effectively & efficiently against all the environmental odds..