Monday, December 1, 2008

飛 the Wings, Canadian Goose Lake Ontario Lakeshore Toronto Apr 2008

A couple of Canadien Geese were playing for love in the spring time on the Lake.
Seeing them feels like watching B-747 Jumbo planes..
Jumbo's cockpit seems copied the bio-design of the head of the bird.
And attachment of the wings to the body is quite proportional to the ones of the goose.
Specifically when plane tries taking off or landing it resembles a lot with the bird..


Janice Thomson said...

Never thought of the jet as being a copy of the goose - such a beautiful bird that never fails to bring gasps of admiration...
Love that photo where you catch the bird talking!

Peter.Chris said...

Yes we learn most of the things from mother nature.. Specifically in robotics there are lots of researches simulating motions of insects.