Wednesday, November 26, 2008

探 Peter for Don River Expedition, Don Valley River Toronto Summer 2008

Mountain bike is Peter's companion at all time for the expedition which has been tried once a week on Friday afternoon from May until now.
I love to be with all the living or non-living things around the Don River.
Someday I would prepare a report on the Ecology of Don River which has been being rehabilitated month by month and of course year by year...
Cormorant is really a marvelous hunter. They dive deep for a long time to search and catch fishes and they are excellet flyers as well. I can frequently see the birds hunting fishes in the river and I happily assume that there are enough fishes for them to feed.
On my way returning home, I saw the falcon hovering high above me. It is always amazing to have the beautiful bird gliding with elegance high in the sky..
I know there is one herron which is an habitant of the river side and whenever I go down to the river, she flies down to me for greeting and takes a wonderful pose for me.


Janice Thomson said...

This is certainly a beautiful area Peter - I can see why you like it so much. There is a creek across the street from me that I feel the same way about.

Peter.Chris said...

yes I feel like I am at home as soo as I enter the ecological world of the small river..