Friday, January 30, 2009

火林 Volcano Mombacho-Up to the Crator of 1344m, Nicaragua Oct 30 2005

Mombacho is a stratovolcano in Nicaragua, near the city of Granada. It is 1344 metres high. The Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is one of 78 protected areas of Nicaragua. Mombacho is an active volcano but the last eruption occurred in 1570. There is no historical knowledge of earlier eruptions.
The highest regions of the volcano is home to a cloud forest and dwarf forest, which contains flora and fauna that are endemic purely to the volcano. An increasingly popular tourist attraction, the volcano has fantastic views of Lake Nicaragua and the city of Granada. The volcano also has two hiking trails, a moderate one that circles the main crater, and another more difficult trail (El Puma), which must be led by a guide. The more difficult trail is the only way to see some features such as the dwarf forest. The trail is almost completely 45 degree inclines and declines for about two miles.
There are more than 700 different plants registered around Mombacho. Included are many species of orchids.


Janice Thomson said...

Nicaragua is certainly a beautiful country. I would love to see the dwarf forest.
The forest seems very thick there - do you have to cut your way through it if not on the trail?

Peter said...

Yes she is. I really fell in love the with country while I was staying for 3 months of project.. Since the Volcan Mombacho has been designated as a preservation area I couldn't go off the trail. However even along the trail there are more than enough thick bushes, trees and other tropical things which were too rich to walk quick. ^,^