Thursday, January 22, 2009

力學 What a Dynamics, Lakeshore Toronto Feb 2008

Fluid dynamics is notorious for its complexity of mathematical manipulation. Taking-Off from the ground might be simple physics compared to the flying dynamics of the bird.

They fly whatever they like to.. gliding, hovering, diving, vertical landing, turning direction in the air at the same spot.. It's really amazing to see them how delicately created with such sophistication to fly..


Janice Thomson said...

It's true isn't it - we don't really appreciate the dynamics of flying and unlike man-made machines bird rarely crash :)
I could watch birds all day -there is so much to learn and admire from their graceful flight.

Thank you Peter for your new year wishes - may I offer the same to you.

Peter.Chris said...

Thank you Janice~ Yes it's amazing to observe them to fly freely. Also flying insects like dragon flys or bees give us more insight on how they utilize the three dimensional space so effectively to move.. Amazing life!